About Us

The Imagination Agency offers Design services in multidisciplinary fields. From end to end solutions in Graphic Design, IT Services, Web Design, and other design services which we sell in our courses and product pages.

We are primarily known for our Annual Reports (we will have a course on project managing annual reports in February, this will enable administrators and office managers the right tools and knowledge to organise and/or write and do such a large project), Research Reports and Prospectus.

We offer:
Graphic Design: specialising in all high end work including large reports (annual reports, prospectus, catalogues, books and magazines) and all print (brochures, business cards, flyers, posters etc).
Web Design: Graphic Design and wire frame of new sites, or WordPress with Woo themes.
IT Services: Sys admin, programming, development. (bookings essential, our lead IT is a very busy guy!)

We also offer the following in our product pages:
Industrial Design: 3d to print, CNC models (Rhino Cad).
Fashion Design: from concept to patterns
Jewellery Design: concept, 3d Designs (RhinoGold), product.

Why hire us? You get an experienced, well established team. Our lead graphic designer has been working with universities for large projects for over 15 years. We are an educated bunch with a wide interest base – our lead IT man was once a mechanic! We play well with industry and manufacturing as well as Scientific research teams!