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  • School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Jewellery Design

    Sometimes you draw, paint or sketch your design first. At other times a CAD program like RhinoGold is used to develop design ideas. This jewellery collection is being designed in conjunction with a fashion collection that is vintage – classic – elements of Victorian and Edwardian in silhouette with a modern twist. And from that, […]

  • Maths Annual Report Testimonials on First Draft:

    Susannah Waters: I just wanted to say – it’s looking absolutely awesome! I’m excited! 😉 Just so you know, Bruce (our boss[Professor Bruce Henry Head of School]) had a look at the draft and says it looks “amazing” and that the design work is “fabulous”!! He said to tell you that he loves your design […]

  • TIA Fashion Designs

    From the TIA Classical modern collection, this includes a series of coordinates that borrows from different periods, much like Steampunk, but with a more sophisticated twist, though still using Victorianesque silhouettes. Each set of coordinates features a long coat, a dress with and without an undershirt (or a skirt), a corset, and overskirts that can […]

  • Graphic Design – Current Annual Report Projects

    At this time of year, it is time for those fun annual report projects that always have interesting material and so are always fun to design for. UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics Report, currently at the first draft stage, was one of those dream designer’s jobs, where the report project managers and editors (Mary […]

  • Industrial Design Project – Jewellers Unique Tooling

    Every jeweller has their own set of tools. Tooling however can become expensive – particularly as it is trial and error as to which tools work best for each individual.  With experience, a jeweller often has ideas has to what specifications they want their tools to be. This project is based on re-designing and then […]