• The Bench

    The Bench

    Online Jewellery Trainers

    At the Bench is an online quality and affordable video jewellery training site for anyone interested in learning to make jewellery, from a beginner right through to professional level.

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  • Creative Resolve

    Creative Resolve

    Creative Partner

    Creative Resolve is the business of David 'Ed' Edwards, a creative outsource based in the UK who specialises in providing cutting-edge design services to other agencies across the globe.

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  • Craftsy


    Web based resource

    Craftsy is a wonderful site to refresh skills, try something new, or simply learn what you thought you already knew.The Imagination Agency believes that Fashion design built on technical foundations make for better designs.

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  • Harman Hay

    Harman Hay

    Web based resource

    This Harman Hay site teaches, in the form of well researched member articles, both advanced and the basics with regards to period costume making. The Imagination Agency finds this invaluable as both a teaching resource and inspiration for fashion design ideas – bringing old methods and merging them with new trends.

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  • Faast Print

    Faast Print

    Australian Print Company

    Whatever your needs may be call FaastPrint FIRST! With the latest digital technology, FaastPrint offers a unique service that meets a wide variety of requirements.

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